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Hey guys! Looking for ways too keep your little ones and yourselves engaged? Look what i found while surfing..Hope this would be of use to you too.

Managing an innovative School of Music where learning music has been made exciting and easy for everyone.
No. 635, 1st Main, 8th Block,Koramangala, Bangalore

A Theatre workshop which helps kids to develop and enhance their imagination, concentration, voice and most importantly to
boost self confidence on and off stage.
Active canvas
No. 343, 10th A Main, 3rd Cross, Jayanagar,Bangalore

So enroll yourselves and have fun... I am enrolling at Music Hub for sure! I found this info on You ll could also keep checking for updates of events/offers there if you want!
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Karnataka Cuisine: What a feast it is!

Food blogs are fascinating ways to learn about different cuisines, new dishes, new ways to prepare old dishes, and importantly, gives ides of what to cook up for the simple daily dinner, or even the special feast coming up.

Have to confess, M looks through a few food blogs every day to figure out what new dishes to conjure up every evening to tame her impatient, ravenous husband. Yes, I am well fed! :-P

As I have elaborated before, food blogs have an important advantage, they are not written by celebrity chefs mixing ingredients in designer kitchens for TV fans. These are written by your average householders, who are always time-challenged to cook something delicious yet simple and healthy for their loved ones - their own spouses and kids. Yes and in their cooking you find the most precious spice of 'love'.

But how do you track the seemingly millions of food blogs out there? Over the last several months I have tracked several Foodies and listed them in my Food to Live For blogroll on

A useful trend amongst foodies is to organize a 'Round-up' based on an ingredient or festival. Contributors post recipes on the theme and an organizer rounds-up and links the recipes in a large post.

Asha of FoodiesHope, recently organized a Round-up of "Regional Cuisines of India: Karnataka." Foodies from around the globe recreated traditional dishes in modern kitchens and also conjured up new recipes locally available ingredients.

Asha, received more than 200 contributions and has painstakingly sorted and summarized it in four posts. If you even remotely like Karnataka Cuisine, this is verily food nirvana:

  1. Appetizers and Snacks

  2. Breakfast and Brunch. (Includes a dazzling variety of dosas!)

  3. Dishes for the Main Course

  4. Spicy Powders, Desserts and Else.

So take a few minutes to visit her posts, identify the recipes you like, click through for the complete recipes. Since some of the contributors were already on my Food to Live For blogroll, we have tried several of these dishes at home. Yumm! No doubt I have not had a chance to post - coz we were busy eating :-))
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Bengaluru City Tour

After an early breakfast, my cousin had arranged for his car and driver to take us around the city. The driver (Linga Raj) was given a detailed list of places, as well as places to stop for meals.

We started by visiting a few of the nearby temples: the Ganapati Devasthan, the impressive Nandi (Bull) Devasthan and the Shiva Devasthan. I loved the temples but hated the priests, particularly at the Nandi and Shiva Temples. As we prayed, the priests stood in front of us with the aarti. Even after partaking the aarti's grace, the priests continued to stand in front of us, hoping we will put money on their plate. I intentionally side-stepped them and put a tiny donation in the Hundi. NB: Money on the plate goes to the priest as additional payment for his services; money in the Hundi (safe box on the floor) goes to the temple, and is used for all temple activities, including priest's salary.

For a second round of breakfast, we stopped at Kamat's Bugle Rock Cafe. Newly opened, very modern and very posh. This divli was well crafted and stood at the entrance of the restaurant. I wouldn't mind having this in my home.

A list of places we visited, in sequence. The ancient Kote Venkateshwara Swamy Devasthan, and next door, Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace. ISKCON (Hare Krishna) temple; Chitrakala Parikshad; Vidhan Soudha and the High court; We took a lunch break at Kamat's Yatri Nivas in Gandhinagar - read more here) and a short nap. After a refreshing Kapi, we drove around MG Road; Ulsoor (sp?) Lake; window-shopped on Commercial St and bowed our heads in awe at the magnificent Someshwara Temple, Visroor. Our amazement continued at the temple of modern capitalism: The uber-posh Forum Mall with India's first Apple store.

Eleven more pics of our Bengaluru tourCollapse )