navya3377 (navya3377) wrote in bengaluru,

Music Hub | Active Canvas | Fun Events In Bangalore

Hey guys! Looking for ways too keep your little ones and yourselves engaged? Look what i found while surfing..Hope this would be of use to you too.

Managing an innovative School of Music where learning music has been made exciting and easy for everyone.
No. 635, 1st Main, 8th Block,Koramangala, Bangalore

A Theatre workshop which helps kids to develop and enhance their imagination, concentration, voice and most importantly to
boost self confidence on and off stage.
Active canvas
No. 343, 10th A Main, 3rd Cross, Jayanagar,Bangalore

So enroll yourselves and have fun... I am enrolling at Music Hub for sure! I found this info on You ll could also keep checking for updates of events/offers there if you want!
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